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Leo’s Fortune 1.0.4 apk+data

Leo's Fortune game series super beautiful and stunning graphics was to ios hours before we saw the introduction of the Android version, which is now to introduce it are considered. Quaint story related to the thick and fluffy with big Sybille LeoPold is called the way back he realizes that gold had been stolen.
    He is very unhappy, and now it’s your turn to help him make up his stolen gold. And you do not know he is a thief who steals gold is the only clue is that Leo can be found in the forests of Tlahaysh on the ground and have the tips to help Tlahaysh Leo to get the thief to the Red Hot back to its original owner’s hand reach LEO. The game has fantastic graphics and gameplay is very nice to be able to watch it on Google Play Despite his $ 5 Rating 4.6 of 5 to be achieved. 
Leos Fortune APK Setup Download For Free

Cara instalasi
1. Download file link di atas
2. Simpan File Apk ke memori SD atau memori internal

3. copy paste file data(obb) di Android/Obb/(disini)
4. cari Apk yang di simpan tadi kemudian install
5. Have Fun! :) 

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